Southern Virtual Alliance

Standard Operating Procedures:

  • VAM standard is lbs for Payload. 
  • ALL times are in ZULU time.
  • Pilots are required to fly at least 1 flight in 60 days
  • Dispatched flight are to be flow first, before regular services can be continued
  • Dispatched flights are generated by the VAM Dispatcher and is required if low pax and cargo limits are reached at less traveled airports
  • ACARS generates random passenger loadout depending on Airport stats, cargo however needs to be selected by pilots.
  • Hazardous and Fragile cargo pays better, but has flight limits, over banking, rough landings, bat weather. Be careful when picking this type of cargo
  • Penalties will imposed on continuous hard landings, over banking, overstressing equipment, flying through adverse weather etc.
  • When flying long hauls or regional flights (Outside of Mozambique) you need to bring the equipment back to Mozambique. If you leave the equipment stranded at the away airport, you will be deducted the jump charge to get other pilot to fetch it, plus 30% handling fee.
  • There are no booking of flights ahead of flight. You can only fly with whatever equipment is available at the airport.
  • Flights are only available according to schedule. (You cannot fly a Monday flight which is scheduled for a Wednesday).

All information tables on main page, save for “VAM Statistics” are interactive. Simply click on it to see more info.


Jump Seats between local airports are for free. You can use the jump seat function in the VAFS5 ACARS system to jump to airport of choice.

However if you jump to airports not in the standard routes, for instance you want to do a charter flight from Messina, it will cost you to jump there. This cost is for your own pocket. To keep costs down, try to do a schedule flight close to the charter airport.

Jumps by the VAM Dispatcher (Sponsored Jumps) will only done with specific events or special occasions, and only by approval of the VAM Flight Director.

Sponsored jumps need to be filed with the Flight Director at

How Flight Numbers work.

Flight numbers do not necessarily depict call signs as airlines have agreements with other airlines. 

Please find relation between Flight Number vs. Call sign below:

  • TM – Mozambique [LAMXXX]
  • ET – Ethiopian Airways (Ethiopian) [ETHXXX]